Amerigo Siena Dressage Saddles

Amerigo is proud to introduce the youngest members of the Amerigo Dressage Saddle Family:

Our new dressage saddles is made give the rider an instant feeling of comfort, safety and close contact with the horse. The precise shapes of the saddle trees and the uniquely padded seat allow riders of both sexes to find a comfortable and ergonomically correct position. The new super soft kneeroll provides the rider with total support but also allows for a relaxed, free, but efficient leg position.

During the last few years we have worked intensively and with great success in all three classical equestrian disciplines. The knowledge we have gained on the fundamental biomechanics required and optimal coordination of movement have been a important influence on the construction of our new Siena Dressage Saddles. Long term partnerships with Vets, Therapists, and top International Riders constantly confim the functionality of our Saddle Concept, and provide us with new experiences that we can incorporate into our products.

The concept behind the creation of the Siena Dressage Saddles is to combine the organical measurements taken from over 50'000 measurements of horses and riders with the individuality required by each new combination.. Our Wool/Felt Panel System is unsurpassed and provides direct and precise communication as well as excellent weight carrying values on the horses back.. Freedom of shoulder is achieved by careful design and optimal coordination of movement which allows the horse to stretch over its topline, lifting the back and therefore moving the shoulders away from the saddle tree area. Following the principal that: Stretching leads to Collection.

As with all Amerigo Saddles, the Amerigo Measuring System allows for a precise fit for all horses and riders with almost unlimited options and choices. The Girthstraps can be placed individually to suit all types of horse confirmation.

The Siena Dressage saddles are available in plain leather or as Pinerolo aswell as Pinerolo Monoflap, and in black and brown only

Cervia Siena Pinerolo
Also available in plain leather and as Pinerolo Monoflap.
Cervia Siena topline
Designed for the modern Sports Horse with longer withers and slightly rising topline.
Classic Siena Pinerolo
Also available as Pinerolo and Pinerolo Monoflap.
Classic Siena topline 
For horses with high withers and sloping toplines.


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