Amerigo enriches its range of performance accessories with the addition of the exciting new Protector Range!


Girths are often a very overlooked item of saddlery, and increasingly we see that a suspected saddle problem, is actually caused by an ill fitting and/or overtightened girth.

The unusual shape of these girths distributes the pressure from the girth over a wider surface area and is not concentrated in one narrow area that can lead to soreness when the horses are overgirthed. These girths are particularly useful when the horses girth depth is very close to the elbow, and the shoulder blade is further back than the girth depth. The generous shaping around the elbow and forward cut ensure that even in movement, that the sensitive elbow does not connect with the girth and that the girth remains quietly in place, stablising the saddle by allowing the girth to connect in a straight line from the girth depth to the girth straps. The soft upwards pressure on the sternum encourages the horse to raise their backs and supports the stretching through the withers. All Protector girths are made from a unique combination of the finest Calfskin padding on the inside and strong but flexible Vibram on the outside which moulds perfectly to the horses shape.

GH23 – The Protector Dressage Girth The special shape provides extra comfort for the horse and the front side of the girth (towards the elbow region) is softly padded with calfskin.

The girth is available in black and brown colours and lengths from 55cm to 80cm.

GH25 – The Elastic Protector Jump Girth is based on the same lines as the Dressage Protector Girth, but adapted for jumping, and the ends of the Vibram have also been covered with soft calfskin for further comfort and protection when the horse is in action. Martingales and breastplates with or without clips can be easily attached by use of either the D ring, or the removeable buckle and strap. The triple elastic on both sides allows the horse to breath easily but at the same time still holding the saddle firmly in place.

The girth is available in all Amerigo colours and lengths from 115cm to 145cm.

GH26 – The Elastic Protector Stud Girth is a further addition to the new collection of stud girths we have introduced recently, and can be considered to be the Rolls Royce of the stud girths! It has all the attributes of the Elastic Protector Jump Girth plus a further method of attachment for martingales and breastplates by way of a moveable clip, aswell as the ring and the buckle and strap. The extra forward cut offers further protection for those horses who sometimes strike themselves in front of the girth when jumping, and the positioning of the clip much further forward than usual also reduces the risk of the horses damaging the clip or getting caught up in it.

The girth is available in all Amerigo colours and lengths from 115cm to 145cm.

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